Ok – here’s the plan. What’s that?? You’ve got a better idea?

Right. My mind’s made up. Here’s the plan. I toyed with the idea of a full respray (possibly going for a powder blue / navy blue / chrome combo) but to be honest I reckon the frame probably looked phenomenal the day it was wheeled out of Harry’s shop on Walton Road.

So the plan is to basically restore the original frame colour, keeping all the chrome areas and – hopefully – the original transfers on the seat and head tube. I have no idea whether the frame resprayers (Argos? Bob Jackson? Mercian? Dave Yates?) will be able to keep the original transfers while respraying. I guess I might end up with an obvious colour join in some way.

In terms of components, I’m thinking a full modern Campagnolo Athena groupset. Yes, they’re modern, but they’re also a modern classic. I’m assuming the frame will need some adaptation to take these (or at least a downtube shifter conversion).

Wheels will be modern handbuilts. Saddle a vintage Brooks racing (what else could it be!), stem probably a Cinelli quill. Yet to decide on the bars. Would genuinely welcome any feedback though, as this is the first time I’ve tackled something like this.

Will the frame need much adaptation to fit modern gear, apart from widening the rear fork?

Any suggestions for colour schemes?

Best frame resprayers?

Will a good frame restorer be able to work around the original transfers?

Ideas, rants and insane ramblings welcome as I’ll only get one shot at this!


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11 Responses to Ok – here’s the plan. What’s that?? You’ve got a better idea?

  1. Mark Whitmarsh says:

    Seeing as the head and seat tubes seem to be in good order you should be able to get away with masking off those areas and respraying the bad bits. Any of those good resprayers you mentioned should have no trouble with that.
    As for components I reckon the frame is too old to really suit the modern stuff looks wise. Also to run gear cables from Ergo levers you’ll need to either get a pair of band-on down tube gear levers, take the levers off the band/boss assembly and then fit the cable guides to the bosses or get some cable stops brazed onto the head tube when it is resprayed. The downside is you’ll lose the head transfer.

    If it was me I’d go for something more in keeping like late 70s/early 80s Campag. It doesn’t look radically different to the original 60s gear and is easier to find.

    It’s a nice looking frame, good luck with it.


    • chris says:

      Thanks Mark. I do know what you mean – in theory I love the idea of fitting the bike with more traditional parts, but I do also want to use this as my main bike, for club runs, sportives etc. There was an excellent example of Athena on a classic frame on this thread on Bikeradar: Link

      I think it looks fantastic, and it’s an utterly usable bike.

      One thing that concerns me about going for original parts is that, not being an expert, I have no idea what parts will work with what. I don’t have a clue whether an 80s-sh Campag RD i find might work with another Campag FD I found somewhere else.

  2. Bozzer says:

    slagnola athena 11speed if the gate is wide enough retro but modern

    neutrons for wheels (look old skool but arn’t)

    brook flite for the saddle

  3. tintin says:

    restore to original would be good

  4. mavesyn says:

    Make that 2 votes, for the lovely blue and chrome scheme……

  5. oldned says:

    Well, it’s got the ‘Q’ in the number so it’s a real HQ. If a frame purporting to be an HQ doesn’t have the capital Q (made from an O and a ‘squiggle’) then it isn’t a genuine one.

    I like it’s current colour scheme, quite classy and understated.

    Depending on where you live, Chris Marshall in Keighley does a good refurb job.

  6. Supergoose says:

    Im no puritan, more purile. I have to say, that such a frame deserves to be built up with period specific parts in my opinion. I think old frames dont look right decked out in modern kit. Like I say just imo. Whatever you do, enjoy!

  7. John Baker says:

    Blue and chrome looks lovely. Bob Jackson will be able to get replica transfers made. Have a look at Nitto Noodle bars. Check out The Old Bicycle Showroom for vintage and vintage-style parts. Harry Rowland for wheels built onto beautiful Ambrosio hubs. Gilles Berthoud for chrome mudguards, if you’re thinking of adding some.

  8. Avanti says:

    Agree with Athena (if going modern) and keeping the colours but it has to be matching blue anodized Mavic Open Pro CDs (built onto Athena hubs & Sapim CX-Ray spokes – Radial front).

    I always preferred deep Cinelli 66s personally (Like Phil Anderson) and I think an old (late ’80s/early ’90s) Record aero profiled seatpin would would look just right too.

    To finish I’d either go for white bar tape, (possibly white) turbo saddle & whitewall Continental tyres or blue Veloflex Pave tyres with blue bar tape and black saddle.

  9. Fraser says:

    Atlantic Boulevard did my restoration and I can’t recommend them enough. Neil should be able to get transfers so you don’t end up with a colour mismatch.
    I’d go Cinelli criterium for the bars. I picked up a pair on eBay for 16 quid.
    Wheels I would go with Velocity aerohead rims. They come in silver I believe and are a great rim matched to Royce hubs if you’ve got the cash.
    Athena would be a good choice for the group

  10. Mike Owen says:

    This will be such a lovely bike when you get it up and running. Yes, from a purists point of view old parts would be great but I think you are right: Harry Quinn would use modern parts on the bikes he built so it would be lovely to mix the best of the old (the frameset) and the best of the new (well, maybe not Super Record…). Since Terry Dolan worked for Quinns waht about contacting Terry for a possible respray?

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